Tuesday, August 2, 2011

ADULT EXCERPT from Destiny For Three

Hey, all--thought I'd go ahead and post an adult excerpt from Destiny For Three. As you can guess from the title and cover pic, it is a menage romance. In case you don't know the basic premise, Elise is a modern woman who "died" and woke up in the body of another woman in the year 1850. She becomes involved in a romance with two brothers and they decide to share her. In this scene, Trey and Rad make love to Elise together for the first time. Enjoy!


Elise’s knees almost buckled. “Are you sure? I mean are you ready for this?”

Trey gave her a devilish look, one dark brow arched, then turned her around and pinned her back against the door, pressing his body fully against hers. “The question is, are you ready for this? Are you sure you can handle both of us? Because I’m feelin’ a little adventurous tonight, darlin’.” The sexy, southern drawl that he usually minimized thickened his voice and made Elise's blood run hot and fast.

“Seriously?” she persisted weakly, not yet convinced that his sudden change of heart on the issue was what he really wanted. “I mean, there’s no rush if you want to think about it first.”

He grinned and pressed a finger to her lips. “Elise, please. I’m trying to be spontaneous here and you’re asking too many questions.”

The door behind Elise gave way and she pitched backward with a gasp, but two strong arms caught her from behind. She twisted her head up and saw Rad shoot Trey a look, then peer down at her, totally confused. He was in his robe, dressed for bed. She gave him an uncertain smile. “Surprise! I hope we didn’t wake you.”

Rad chuckled and looked again at his brother. “No, you didn’t, but I’m somewhat at a loss here. It’s your night, Trey, shouldn’t you be-”

“You know what they say about looking a gift horse in the mouth,” Trey cut in. “Are you going to let us in? I’d hate to have to explain this to Rachael if she overheard us out here in the hall.”

Rad stood Elise on her feet and turned her in his arms, then lifted her chin. His eyes were hot with promise. “Is this what you want?”

She was nervous, but there was no way she was going to turn back now. This was a fantasy come true. Elise lifted up on her toes and threaded her fingers into his golden hair. “Oh, yeah, baby. More than anything.” She caught his lower lip lightly between her teeth then slipped her tongue inside his eager mouth. She knew she’d slid back into her twenty-first century manner of speech. It had a tendency to happen when she was hot and bothered. But she’d stopped worrying about trying to sound like a proper southern belle around Trey and Rad, because they never seemed to care about her verbal faux pas. Perhaps because it reminded them she was Elise, not Elizabeth.

Without breaking the kiss, Rad drew her inside the bedroom. Trey followed, shutting and locking the door behind him. As Rad continued to devour her mouth, Elise felt Trey working the buttons on the back of her gown. He managed to open the whole row very quickly then went to work on the ties of her corset. When he was finished, the two men lifted her dress off over her head then rapidly divested her of her underskirts, corset and chemise, until she stood between them in only her stockings and slippers. Her skin tingled with goosebumps as they both caressed her, Trey running his hands from her shoulders to her breasts, while Rad skimmed over her back and buttocks.

“Are you chilly?” Trey asked, gently plucking her tightly puckered nipples.

“Yes. Take off your clothes, both of you. I want to feel your hot, bare skin pressed against me.”

Rad gave her bottom a squeeze. “Did you hear that, Trey? I do believe our little woman is ordering us around.”

“Excuse me? Little woman?” Elise tried to sound indignant, but it was difficult with two sets of hands touching her so intimately. She arched like a cat into their caresses, craving the warmth of their touch and the tingle it left in its wake.

Trey ignored her protest and answered Rad. “I did, and I’m beginning to see that you were right earlier about my being too lenient with her.”

Rad’s smile was wolfish. “Would you like to do the honors?” He lowered his head and nipped Elise on the shoulder. “Or should I?”

“Why don’t you start, then I’ll take a turn.” Trey removed the pins and jeweled net from her hair, releasing the thick mane to spill down her back. He pushed it aside and brushed his lips against her ear. “Would you like that, Elise? Do you want us both to spank you before we fuck you?”

His voice was rough with erotic promise and it sent a shiver down her spine, of desire, not fright. She trusted both Trey and Rad completely, and knew that despite the gruffly given commands or firmness in their handling, they only wanted to give her pleasure. She could stop them at any time if she felt overwhelmed. She loved that feeling of letting go of her inhibitions, giving control over to them for a little while. It was funny that although she’d experienced only a barely adequate love life in the sexually casual twenty-first century, she was finding true liberation and satisfaction in a ménage relationship with two very proper nineteenth century gentlemen. Well, they were proper outside the bedroom, anyway.

“Mm, yes,” she sighed, laying her head back against Trey’s chest and lifting her breasts into his caresses. “Touch me, spank me, fuck me… I want it all.”

“And we want to give it to you. Just let go, sweetness, and let us take care of you. We’ll give you so much pleasure,” Rad promised, then claimed her mouth in a hungry kiss. She was breathless when he finally pulled back and said, “Go over to the bed, bend over face down and spread your legs.”

Her legs felt watery, but Elise did as Rad instructed, her excitement doubling at the thought that Trey would be watching and participating in their play. The coverlet was cool against her flushed cheek, as was the air against her wet, exposed pussy while she waited for Rad’s first touch on her upturned backside. He slowly stroked her bottom for a few moments, making her groan in anticipation of the first stinging swat, then gave it to her, followed by three more in rapid succession before pausing to finger her. Elise couldn’t control the cry of passion that escaped her as she looked over her shoulder at the men behind her, both staring raptly at her pussy as it tightened around Rad’s fingers. She was struck again by how devastatingly handsome the two were; one dark, one golden, both cream-your-panties gorgeous. And they wanted her, only her. It was a heady aphrodisiac.

“See how drenched she is, Trey,” Rad pointed out, sliding his long fingers in and out of her slippery channel. Elise sighed and relaxed back down on the mattress, spreading her legs wider, opening to him completely. “She loves it. Our Elise is a wonderfully naughty girl.” His fingers left her and another series of smacks landed on her warm bottom, making her stiffen and gasp at the sudden shift from pleasure and pain.

“Oh, please, Rad,” Elise begged. “Don’t stop fingering me. Please, I need to feel you inside me.” Three fingers pressed back into her pussy and she moaned with relief at the exquisite stretching of her inner muscles. “Oh, yes…” She looked over her shoulder again and saw it was Trey who was pleasuring her this time. He looked so proper in his formal evening clothes, but his expression was anything but proper as he finger fucked her throbbing sex. “Oh, God yes, Trey.”

Trey rubbed her buttocks with his other hand. “Your bottom is so warm and pink, Elise. Does it feel good?” Elise could only bite her lip and nod shakily, then gasp when he suddenly swatted the cheek he’d been palming. His spank was lighter than Rad’s; she could tell he was still afraid of hurting her.

Elise pushed back onto his stroking fingers and wiggled her butt under his hand. “Harder, Trey. Spank me. Spank my ass harder. Please!”

He complied, paddling her firmly as he continued to work her pussy, until she came with a wavering cry, drenching his fingers with her climax and dropped limply on the bed. As she lay there catching her breath, she could hear the sound of the men removing their clothes behind her, then a pair of hands hooked under her thighs, lifting and spreading them. Hot breath brushed against her pussy. She moaned and bucked her hips, knowing what was coming next.

“Hold still, sweetness, so I can taste that hot little cunt of yours,” Rad ordered, then went to work with his nimble tongue. Both Trey and Rad were so good at that, she was a bit jealous knowing they’d obviously perfected their technique on other lucky women before her. She’d just climaxed, but Rad’s swirling, plunging tongue was quickly reigniting the fire in her belly. She grabbed handfuls of the coverlet and ground her hips back against his face. Rad groaned, lapping up and savoring her cream. “Damn, Trey. She tastes incredible. I could do this all night.”

“I know,” Trey agreed in a hoarse tone, then moved to Elise’s side, tangled his hand in her hair and pulled her head back to capture her mouth, the intensity of his desire evident in his ravaging kiss. “I want you to suck my cock while Rad licks your pussy,” he growled against her lips.

Rad paused to allow Elise to stand while Trey sat on the edge of the bed, then he smacked her bottom and gently nudged her to bend forward again. “Suck his cock, Elise, and spread your legs wider. That’s it. Mmm…” Rad resumed his wicked tongue lashing, spreading her open with his fingers, nipping her gently with his lips and teeth.

“Oh, God, Rad…” she whimpered, fighting hard to concentrate on Trey’s cock and not Rad’s face pressed into her behind, his tongue thrusting into her pussy. Locking her knees to keep from melting into a shivering mass at their feet, Elise took Trey’s length slowly, deeply into her mouth.

Elise could feel Trey’s thigh tremble beneath her hand as the head of his cock bumped her throat, then she slowly retreated and swirled her tongue around the engorged tip. Glancing up, she saw his lips part as a harsh breath passed between them, his eyes were dark with arousal. “Do you like that, baby?” she teased, blowing gently against his wet flesh, then flicking it with light licks that matched what Rad was doing to her pussy. Trey’s answer was to fist his hand in her hair and bring her head back down as he lifted his hips, pushing his cock back between her willing lips. She smiled around his hard shaft then sucked him in earnest, knowing he was in no mood for the teasing.

The room was silent but for their gasps and moans, and the crude, wet sounds of their loving. Elise was soon well on her way to another peak, glorying in the incredible joy of being pleasured by Rad while she gave pleasure to Trey. It was amazing, and she couldn’t imagine it getting any better until Rad finally stood, grasped her hips and plunged into her from behind. The motion pushed her forward, forcing Trey’s cock deep into her throat. She gave a muffled cry and had to lift her head to take a gasping breath.

“Yes! Fuck me, Rad,” she panted as his shaft pistoned in and out of her, hard and steady. Rad’s lovemaking was always like this, commanding, never tentative, and Elise loved it. She loved that feeling of being taken so boldly, loved the dirty words he growled in her ear. He had the face of an angel, but he fucked like a devil. She could feel the burning ache taking hold again, winding tight in her belly and she closed her eyes, giving herself over to the fire sizzling through every nerve ending in her body. Trey’s hand clenched in her hair and she took his cock back into her mouth, letting him fill her there, fuck her mouth as Rad thoroughly fucked her eager sex.

Within moments, the orgasm overtook her, her body stiffening with the shuddering tremors that rumbled through her like an earthquake. She must have pulled back and cried out, loudly, because in an instant, Trey’s hand was over her mouth, muffling her keening wail as she jerked and trembled in ecstasy.

Rad plowed into her deeply then pulled out with a hoarse groan, spilling his seed on her bottom and back. Elise slumped forward into Trey’s arms and he leaned back on the bed, holding her while Rad grabbed a handkerchief and wiped her clean. She felt boneless as Trey lifted her up higher along his body, then positioned her over his still straining cock, spread her swollen nether lips and sank into her.

“Oh…Oh, God…” She moaned at the sudden penetration so soon after her climax, but Trey pushed in until he was balls deep, stretching and stimulating her sensitive inner muscles once again.

“It’s all right, sweetheart. I’ll be gentle. We’ll take our time, ease into it.” He kissed her, holding still with his cock seated so far inside her, she could feel him gently bump against the very deepest point possible. His mouth was gentle as well, comforting her, coaxing her to relax once again and let him love her. Finally, he began to rock and rotate his hips, just slightly, making his cock nudge that sweet spot so deep inside.

She was drained, but Elise couldn’t keep her body from responding to his inner massage of that most sensitive nerve-filled spot. Her hips started to move with his, gradually at first, then faster and harder until he was sliding in and out of her with long, firm strokes. Elise braced herself on her elbows above him, savoring the satin twine of his tongue with hers as their mouths mated hungrily.

“I want you to come again,” Trey rasped. “Come with me.”

“I…I don’t know if I can,” Elise panted. She could perhaps, but Trey looked as if his peak was rapidly approaching, and her already sated body was going to need more time to work up into another.

Then she felt Rad’s hand on her lower back, his other delving between her legs to where she and Trey were joined, gathering her juices and spreading them upward between her bottom cheeks. “Hold still for a moment, Elise.” She felt his finger circle her opening there, then the tip dipped just inside and stilled.

Elise yipped and looked back at Rad, shaken by his apparent intention. “Oh, Rad, I don’t think I’m ready for that yet. You’re too big.”

“Shh. It’s all right. Just my finger tonight, sweetness.”

“Relax,” Trey murmured against her mouth, catching her little gasp as Rad worked his slippery finger deeper inside her. “Let us make you come again.” Trey grasped her bottom cheeks, spreading her for Rad’s hand while he pumped his cock into her pussy.

Her face buried against Trey’s neck, Elise willed herself to relax, let her muscles open to Rad’s touch. Rad worked his finger gently in and out of her, going a bit deeper each time until at last he was buried to his knuckle inside her.

“That’s it,” Rad praised as he bent down and pressed kisses between her shoulders.
“Now stay relaxed while I fuck you like this. When you loosen a bit more, I’ll add another finger.”

Oh, God, it felt so good. Trey’s cock tunneling into her while Rad’s fingers, first one, then finally two, penetrated her ass. It pinched a bit at first, burned a little, as her untried muscles stretched to accommodate the intruding fingers. There were so many nerves ringing that small circle of muscles that the sensations Elise felt were beyond intense. She gripped Trey’s shoulders and whimpered against his neck, holding on for dear life as the peak began to build.

“That’s right, darlin’.” Trey’s breath was choppy with his own rapidly approaching climax. “Let it come.”

She did, and it swept her away. Sparks flashed behind her closed eyes as she rode out the convulsive shudders that rocked her in great throbbing waves. She could barely hear Trey’s ragged groan, Rad’s murmured endearments, her own sobbing cry, was only partially aware of Trey lifting her off of his cock as he pulled out and spilled between them. She collapsed heavily against Trey’s damp, heaving chest, limp and completely spent.