Wednesday, February 3, 2016

I'm excited to announce that MY WILD VIOLET is now available!

The last person Wyoming Deputy Duncan Kilpatrick expected to see at the traveling Burlesque show in St. Louis was the girl whose heart he’d broken five years before back home in Pike Springs. Especially as the featured attraction! Somehow, mousy Violet Simmons had managed to transform herself into the sexy singer Lily White, who wowed audiences both at home and abroad with her provocative performances. The change was amazing, and irresistibly intriguing. How in blazes had she managed it? Duncan is determined to talk to her before he leaves St. Louis, and when her scandalous dance routine lands her in the local jail, he gets his chance.

Violet Simmons is shocked to see that familiar face from the past at her show, and even more shocked when circumstances leave her dependent on his good will to bail her and her dance partner, Ross, out of jail. Even after years of trying to forget him, the sight of the handsome half-Scottish, half-Shoshone deputy still made her tingle. But she was no longer the virginal miss who fancied herself in love with him. She was an experienced woman now, well-traveled and well-paid. Her heart was no longer his for the taking. He’d had his chance. She wasn’t looking for love, but a lusty romp before the troupe left town was a very temping thought. She could scratch her itch for the man and maybe deliver some long overdue comeuppance in the process.

Things rarely work as planned, however. Violet’s good fortune could be running out. Will her unconventional lifestyle finally catch up to her, with disastrous consequences?  And Duncan may find himself on the receiving end of heartbreak this time around. Will he risk everything for a second chance at love with his wild Violet?
HEAT LEVEL: Very Hot. This book contains explicit love scenes. 

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